Happy Faces in the Morning

For as long as I can remember my mom said that to me every night before bed.  She would come into the room I shared with my sister, kiss us each good night and say “Happy faces in the morning. Don’t let the bed bugs bite!”  When she is visiting or we are visiting my parents, she still says it (minus the part about the bed bugs.  Although, the more I hear about them, maybe she should start using that line again!).  And when we’re not together and we haven’t talked that day, I’ll get the occasional text “Happy faces!” around 10 pm to let me know she was thinking about me.  I never really thought much about the words, just sort of spilled them out in response to her every night.  It wasn’t until I started putting my own kids to bed and found myself saying “Happy faces in the morning!” that I thought more about the meaning.

Our days are long.  My hub works in the evenings and by the time I have fed, bathed, read to, and said goodnight to our four little ones I am spent and I know they are too.  Some days are awesome- minimal bickering, few tears, playing together, eating good meals, showing me the nice manners I work so hard to teach them, and just having fun together.  Many other days have major low points- frustration, name-calling, potty talk, pouting, whining, yelling, who knows what else.  It’s on those days as I’m walking out of my kids’ rooms saying “Happy faces in the morning!” that I realize just how important that phrase is.

We may have great plans for the next day with playdates, parties, or outings, or we may have no plans at all.  Either way, you just never know how the day is going to end up.  We do know that you can start each morning with a happy face and then we’ll cross our fingers that it will last the whole day!